Bagel Stuffins Shark Tank domain name faceplant

How on earth does an entity like Shark Tank fail to register a domain name prior to airing a TV show featuring a newly rebranded product?

So I’m watching Beyond the Tank with the kiddos and get to listen “Shark” Lori Greiner go head to head with young entrepreneur couple about changing their company name from Bantam Bagels to Bagel Stuffins. I actually thought they were saying Bagel Stuffings. So I with laptop handy, wanted to see if their site crashed as they usually do., featured on last week’s show, was a recent crash and burn which couldn’t handle the traffic spike.

In this case the name wasn’t Bagel Stuffings but rather and if you visit that site you won’t find tasty bagels but rather e-cigarettes. Kudos to those guys or gals for scooping that one up and winning the traffic for the night. For those who ended up here, you most likely typed in which I promptly picked for $10 and hopefully will recoup through headband sales or donations FunGoody!

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