Available Now Online Pet Bricks! – FunGoody’s Way of Saying Thank You!

bricksmFor a limited time, or perhaps indefinitely, FunGoody.com is offering a Personal Online Pet Brick to each individual who gives money to FunGoody. This is our way of saying thank you to everyone who would like to support FunGoody.com but feel they need something in return. Be the first to get your Online Pet Brick by giving to FunGoody.com right now.

Online Pet Brick Features and Information

  1. No minimum donation is required though brick quality will vary based on your gift to FunGoody.com.
  2. Each Online Pet Brick is unique and no Online Pet Brick will be resold.
  3. Online Pet Bricks will be featured on gift giver’s dedicated Pet Brick page and featured in our Donors’ Online Pet Brick Gallery.
  4. At least one color photograph of the Online Pet Brick will be posted for as long as FunGoody.com is live on the web.
  5. Additional photos will be posted with each subsequent donation.
  6. A video of a Pet Brick in its natural environment is available for donations of $25 or more.
  7. A compilation video of a Pet Brick’s Day on the Town is available for donations of $100 or more.
  8. Bricks will not be mailed under any circumstances. Our gift to our donor’s is an Online Pet Brick – you will not receive the actual brick.
  9. FunGoody.com may withdraw this offer or change this promotion at any time so please act now!

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