Will people buy a Pet Rock sans Pet Rock?

It seems as if the success of the Pet Rock re-validated the phrase “some people have too much money” or have no idea what to do with it. I mean who on earth buys a rock? Who are these people that feel the need to part with money in such a manner. Mind you a Pet Rock is just one of a gazillion examples we could have used to highlight some people’s burning drive to rid themselves of excess cash. The spending habits of grown adults doesn’t seem all that different from children. Bigger, shinier, newer, thinner seem to be all advertisers need to sell most folks most anything.

All of which leads us to wonder would people buy a Pet Rock sans the Pet Rock? Could they be convinced to place an order for nothing? In other words, would the these spenders who populate planet Earth willingly give their money away and get nothing in return. Not a scam but an explicit offer to buy nothing. And if they do, as we’re betting they will, then “money for nothing” beats working for money hands down.

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