is live and ready to receive your money.

After minutes of thought and planning. FunGoody!com is live and ready to go viral as the kids say. We need your help to get the word out about FunGoody!com. We’re in it for the money, your money in particular or a friend’s money is fine as well. Just start giving as soon as you can. Without your financial support we cannot move ahead with our plans to raise money by the boatload.

As of now we’ve raised $0 and that’s not going to get us very far. The good news for you is as of this moment you can be the first to give to FunGoody!com – think of what awaits the single individual that single handedly started our mega capital funraiser! It can be you and you can be listed by name or choose to total¬†anonymity. Either way you’ll know in your heart of hearts you did the right thing!

Thank you all in advance for helping FunGoody!com become the success we know FunGoody!com is destined for.

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