Happy New Year!

Fun Goody wishes you the Happiest New Year possible. We hope for you to start sharing your excess money with FunGoody!com as soon as possible. Fun Goody will be here day in and day out awaiting your generous financial gift to support our fiscal needs. Some FunGoody.com followers are still not sure of our goals and plans. In gist, our goal is to get money from you and our plan in to spend that money as quickly as possible.

Perhaps if we clearly identified our target audience you might be more inclined to give to Fun Goody. If you fall into one or more of the following categories you should promptly get out your credit card and give to FunGoody.com:

  • Current or former owners of a Pet Rock
  • Gamblers (Fun Goody is much better bet)
  • People who truly appreciate the phrase “disposable income”
  • Those who can’t figure out what to do with their money
  • Those who own more than one home

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