Raising Cane’s More Like Raising Shame

News Flash Raising Cane’s, People Hate Membership Cards!

So, I get an email today for a buy 1 get 1 free combo box from Raising Cane’s! Great deal indeed! I’m super stoked to bring home surprise lunch for the kiddos. I pull into drive through at my local Cane’s to order my boxes but realize I don’t have my Caniac “membership” card. It’s most likely in our other car or in a desk drawer with all the other ridiculous club cards. Once I’ve pulled up, I politely ask the attendant if I can still get the promo as I’m a member and have the email pulled up on my phone. She politely replies, “No, we need to swipe the card”. I ask again but twice denied.

I swear it seems like we’re stuck in the 90’s with companies like Cane’s. News flash Cane’s, people hate club cards. We hate signing up for them; we hate carrying them; we hate losing or forgetting them; and we sure as heck hate missing out on benefits because it’s not stapled to our foreheads! I’d suggest Cane’s at least have the decency to let their loyal customers use phone number or email address like Winn Dixie, CVS, Office Depot and other monolithic companies. Better yet, let customers use their smart phones. It’s 2015 shouldn’t Cane’s have an app that handles all this!

Good luck Cane’s your antiquated “need to swipe the card” policy is driving good customers away! Your chicken is tasty but your absurdly rigid club rules ain’t worth the grief!

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