Wanted: Celebrity Endorsers!

FunGoody.com is only a few weeks into existence but disappointingly FunGoody is not yet a household name. We figure going viral over night won’t happenĀ unless we can latch on to a celebrity to endorse FunGoody! Our ideal candidate would be an A list actor or actress who will be walking the red carpet at the upcoming Oscars or appearing at any other televised event. Sports megastars are welcome if they’re not locked into other apparel contracts.

All FunGoody is asking is for our celebrity to wear a FunGoody.com hat. He or she needn’t mention FunGoody.com by name – just wear our hat. In return, the staff of FunGoody.com promise to see your next movie if we can get comped tickets. If not we will check it out when it’s on NetFlix. Thank you for your consideration. Should you pass on the endorsement please just donate cash.

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